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Daisy's Pearls, LLC offers virtual coaching services for girls and women ages 12 & up. We tackle the matters of  resilience, confidence, problem-solving, strong minds and much more.


Standing Up for Girls & Women

While coaching at Daisy's Pearls, we assist them on a journey towards becoming their best selves. Impacting positive change in communities is not only our mission, but aiming the them towards excellence by sharing skillful techniques is a goal they can carry throughout their lives.


Daisy's Pearls embraces advocacy, education, and empowerment while reminding them of our hash tag #youRenough! This organization is committed to pouring into our girls & women that will prepare them for ultimate success! 


First I Must That, I Am So Godly Proud If My Sister And Friend Wendy Darling For You Taking A Leap Of Faith Concerning Your Business "DaisyPearks" Your Page Is Amazing!!

Tania “Chyna Nicole”

It gives me great honor to write as a board member for Daisy’s Pearls, LLC. I am a certified educator and artist. As a team, we brainstorm strategies to tackle societal issues young women teens face through their social and educational paths. With a team of educators, an attorney, and a social worker - the CEO herself, we deliver outcomes that morphed into strategic seminars and workshops for our young pearls because we listen to their voices. We commit to meeting their growing and diverse needs; and we continue to support this much needed and philanthropic effort.

Join us.


@DaisysPearls-what you offer for our children/teenagers is so much needed and appreciated! I love your web page, the details and services and look forward to being more involved💞


Daisy’s Pearls is the best thing that ever happened to me.



This is an awesome program for young girls, and all of the staff Are educated,to help and encourage young people!


What a wonderful way to offer empowerment to young women and girls

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